• Light Dark

    Light Dark, one of four new performance documentation works made as part of L’Evenement Oblique, at Tangente, Montreal in September 1997.           "… Having put forward my hypothesis I invited the audience to lead themselves down one by one and ask me a question or put forward an alternative hypothesis. At the same time I reminded them that the ‘performance’ would only last for another six minutes (as dictated by the exposure time). A women from the audience came down onto the stage and took one of the seats and put forward her hypothesis physically. She slapped my face. The slap sounded so very loud. Everyone went quiet. I commented that her hypothesis reminded me of something that I had read about this work. She told me that it was what she had read too, and that she actually thought that this was also clear from the image. At this point a large man in the middle of the audience asked how I would react if he came down and did the same…"           Extract from the textual documentation presented in relation to the pinhole photographic documentation and assorted objects from the performance, when the work was re-presented in Another Something Other a solo exhibition at the Golden Thread Gallery in 1999.