Untitled: live video interaction 2018

Untitled: live video interaction 2018. Video. Duration 20 minutes. Edition of 3. 2018.

‘Untitled: Live Video Interaction’ 2018. Created in Collaboration with Digital Arts Studios, Belfast as part of the Stop.Stop.Stop. exhibition at Platform Arts, Belfast. Supported by an Arts Council of Northern Ireland Individual Award .

Untitled: Live Video Interaction Exercise 1 was first created in 1996. In the first of its two parts, the artist attempted to do “nothing” in front of a live audience, while being filmed by three separate cameras. The second part saw Richards attempt to mimic the edited video, to a single fixed camera. The result was an unexpected form of improvised slapstick dance.

For the Stop. Stop. Stop. exhibition at Platform Arts, Belfast Richards revisited his work Untitled: Live Video Interaction Exercise 1 was first created in 1996 and created a new ‘Untitled: Live Video Interaction’, in collaboration with D.A.S., during the opening night, with the resultant video installed for the remainder of the exhibition.

The work has subsequently been exhibition as part of the Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition at the Ulster Museum in 2018 and as part of Digital Arts Studios – Annual Review Exhibition in the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast 2019.

Edition 1 of 3 acquired by The Arts Council of Northern Ireland Collection